About Us

At Hungries, we believe healthy living starts with your diet and daily activities.

Honey as a natural health food product dates back from ancient times. Our founders Quinton and Alan are both honey lovers. They are both health conscious and constantly sharing tips and diet on staying healthy, and that is how Hungries started a year ago.

Today we have grown into a team of eight. Our team are committed to source only the best and purest honey in order for everyone to enjoy natural and organic honey. Our honey are imported all the way from Taiwan’s tropical rainforest. We only work with top-notch beekeepers across Taiwan that share our values in the whole process that respect the environmental and bees. All honey are stored, processed and packed under quality safety food standards. Our honey are ISO, HACCP and GMP certified.

Our aim is to provide more variety of health food products from around the world and selling them at an affordable price. Our focus is to provide our customers with the freshest, premium grade, healthy snack products.

Eating healthy is the fundamental to good health. We are ready to deliver tasty and healthy food snacks right to your doorstep. 100% natural and no preservatives! As we do believe, healthy eating for a healthy living